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Goal 04

    Administrators and teachers will employ technology to gather, share, and analyze real-time information to support decision-making at the district, school, and classroom levels.


    1. The district will implement the recently-purchased student information system.
      • The district will form a data team that meets regularly to ensure accurate and consistent data collection and to ensure the development of quality reports to support educators/administrators.
        1. Budget: 0.00
        2. Primary Funding Source: N/A
        3. Secondary Funding Source:

    Professional Development

    Sungard Pentamation, the student information system vendor, will, per contract, provide professional development to administrators, support staff, and teachers using an agreed upon schedule from December 2005 through the spring of 2007.


    Currently, administrators are unable to retrieve data as needed from the previous student information system. No one but the technology staff is able to design/develop reports. Success will be determined by a severe reduction in the number of report requests made of the technology department; meaning, that administrators and support staff are generating their own data and reports. This will be evaluated by the technology coordinator.

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