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Goal 07

    To join an affordable, high-quality, Wide Area Network (WAN) connecting our district to IU 18 and IU 19 and its member school districts and vocational-technical schools using high-speed broadband connections.


    1. Commit to join the Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) WAN at 100 Mbps-per district with affordable bulk Internet and Internet2 delivery.
      • Collaborate with all consortia members and service providers in an effort to provide connectivity to all school districts in our region.
        1. Budget: 90000.00
        2. Primary Funding Source: District Contributions
        3. Secondary Funding Source: Federal Funds (E-Rate)

    Professional Development

    Professional development will be provided by service providers and the district and IU staff. The district technology staff will work collaboratively with the IU to oversee this effort.


    District savings will be monitored and compared to the prices paid prior to joining the NEPA WAN. Also, usage of the WAN will be monitored on a monthly basis. Each month’s usage log will be compared to the previous month to assure that the wide area network is meeting the district needs.

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