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Seventh Period Historical Background

    The Age of Reason

     Age of Reason 

    Toward a Clash of Arms

    -The American Revolution

    1. preceeded by the French and ndian war.

    2. Conflict broke out in 1754 and continued for a decade.

    3. France gave up claims to the North American terriotary.  

    4. conflicts still in 13 origianal colonies.




    Shot Heard Round the World


    A. Battle of Lexington and Concord

         1."Shot heard around the world"

         2. April 19, 1775

         3. Started American Revolution

    B. Battle of Bunker Hill

         1.June 1775

         2. Took place in Massachusetts, but involved all colonies.      

         3. Americans killed and wounded more than 1,000 British soldiers.

         4. George Washington was names Commander in Chief.

    C. Battle of Saratoga

         1. Fall of 1777

         2. turning point in war

         3. Americans surrounded British and 5,700 British soldiers were forced to surrender

         4. Victory made France reconize independence of United States

         5. France aided America in war

    D. Yorktown, Virginia 

         1. October 17, 1781

         2. General Cornwallis's army was forced to surrender under General Washington's army 

    New Nation

    Articles of Confederation 

    - created League of nations 

        -League of Nations didn't work

    Federal Constitution

    -Replaced articles 

    -Required many compromises

    A Time of Crisis

    a. Express political ideas through writing

    b. Revolutionary period

    c. Almanacs are popular from Massachusetts to Georgia


    Politics as Literature

              1. Independence  

              1. Independence  

          A. Thomas paine was most influential 

              - he wrote common sence

              -1776 Decloration was writton                                                                                                                

    2. Constitution was drafted

          A. Won with a vote of 30-27

               - The federalist was printed in NY news paper against the constitution.


    Cultural Scene


    Braodside Ballad - is a single sheet of paper, printed on one or both sides dealing with a current topic.

    A.) The Dying Redcoat

    • one of the most popular broadside ballads
    • writteen by a Briish Sergent


    B.) Philip Freneau

    • his works were more sophisticated than the broadside ballods
    • 1771 graduate of Princeton
    • a journalist and newspaper editor
    • famous poem "The Indain Burying Ground"


    Culture and Art

    ~~America and the Theater~~ {Revolutionary Period}

    -Theaters were being built.

    -The plays werer pale imitations of popular brittish plays.


    ~~The First American Born Plays~~

    -Thomas Godfrey was the first American-born playwrite. [The Prince of Parthia]

    -Royall Taylor was the first to put truly American stylized characters into his story.[The Contrast]


    ~~American Theme~~

    -American Victors vs. Decietful Foreigners

    -This theme appealed to audiences that had survived the Revolutionary War

    American Literature at Daybreak

    1. 1800's
    •  Native Americans contributed haunting poetry and legends
    • Puritans had powerful work
    • No plays or novels of importance were written during this time
    1.  18th Century
    • Nations stood on threshold of territorial and population explosion
    • American Literature burst
    • Coloniel age ended with narrow volume of literature
    • 19th century would close with a library of works that form a major part of America's literary heritage.

    Noah Webster

    1. Philedelphia

     a. Constitutional Convection

     b.bright people like George Washington, Alex hamilton, and Ben Franklin


    2.May 26,1787

    a. George Washington pays visit to noah Webster 28 year old school teacher in Philly from New England


    3. Important Facts

    a.Wrote The Blue-Backed Speller

    b. Normal guy

    c. Ceated first American Dictionary

    d Thought Us should have own version of english language

    e. Traveled south and east taking notes

    f. Added words like ''applesauce, bullfrog, hickory,and succotash''

    g. Also added a new way to spell

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