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Act 4 (Scene 3)

    Claudius explains to a small group of courties that Hamlet is crazy. The decision to exile Hamlet must be from wisest counselors. Rosencratz came and told king that Hamlet refuses tell where the body was. Guidenstein brought Hamlet to the king. The king guestions Hamlet as to the where abouts of Polonis. Hamlet answed,"up the stairs into the lobby". Claudius tell Hamlet is to be send to England. Hamlet yelled out Goodbye to his mother. Claudius orders Rosecncratz and Guidenstern to make sure that Hamlet is on the ship. Alone Claudius wrote a letter to the England ruler that Hamlet is to be put to death soon as Hxamlet arrived England 


         Hamlet is using polonius as a distraction now that he is dead.  He is being sent to England.  Hamlet loves taking the part of a mad man and acting crazy.  Hamlet is still pre-occupied with death!

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