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Act 4 (Scene 7)

    Setting: Another Room In the Castle
    King Claudius and Laertes enter a room in the castle. King Claudius and Laertes are discussing the crime that Hamlet committed when a messenger arrives and gives Claudius a letter from Hamlet saying that he will be returning home. King Claudius wants Laertes to help kill the prince. Laertes wants revenge for his father’s death. He plans to put poison on his sword and use it to kill Hamlet. The king agrees with Laertes plan and says that if that plan doesn’t work then he will give Hamlet a poisoned cup of wine. Queen Gertrude enters and announces that Ophelia has drowned. Laertes mourns his sisters’ death and then leaves. King Claudius tells Queen Gertrude that everything will be okay and that they should keep trying to calm him down before he goes on a rampage.



    King Claudius- Hamlet’s Uncle who killed King Hamlet, young Hamlet’s father and married Queen Gertrude King Hamlet’s former wife.
    Laertes- Polonius’ son, Ophelia’s brother he wants to avenge His father’s death by killing Hamlet, his father’s murderer.
    Queen Gertrude- Hamlet’s mother who married her former husbands’ brother she comes into this scene to relay information to Laertes.
    Messenger- brings letters to King Claudius from Hamlet which states that he is returning.
    Queen Gertrude- Hamlets’ mother who married her former husbands’ brother two months after King Hamlets’ death





    In act IV scene 7, Laertes questions King Claudius about why he didn’t do anything about Hamlet’s crime and the king explains that he couldn’t for two reasons. He knew that the people liked Hamlet too much to believe any accusations against him and Claudius loved Gertrude too much to risk harming their relationship by harming Hamlet. As their conversation goes on, the two come up with a plan to kill Hamlet when he returns from his trip. As the scene comes to a close, Gertrude enters with the information that Ophelia has killed herself.


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