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    Links for the house:

    1. The Comedy of Hamlet: This short clip of the Hamlet is dubbed over. It briefly, bluntly, and humourously displays Hamlet Act 4 in a nutshell.



    2. Ohelia's Madness: This scene, from the 1996 film Hamlet, displays Ophelia's fit of rage, anger, and confusion (Act IV Scene v).



    3. Hamlet Sililoquy: Hamlet releases his inner most thoughts in his fifth sililoquy during this clip of the 1996 film, Hamlet (Act IV Scene iv)



    4. Hamlet in 60 Seconds: This is a minute long animated clip that reviews the entire book in a hilarious manner.


    Hamlet Characters Crossword

    Hamlet crossword 

                                     Charaters Act IV


    K I N G C L A U D I U S R N Q
    S F B K O T I R I O D O R H D
    H U Y Q E I V C T R S P G P L
    L C E L B J T Z Z E D Y U Y D
    Y F M W L Z M A N I C N I N K
    J A E J R X E C R C B V L P Q
    H B H E F O R Q Q O Z I D B M
    K Q S Z V A P S N R H S E W S
    R F N G N Q O H W Z G E N M X
    U I Z T N U E K E X E T S Q I
    D P Z K H X Q G B L U R T O X
    S A R B N I T R O F I E E V J
    K Z E X C B O F E H W A R P I
    A J J P T U H N K W J L N S Q
    T C R S B Q Q I B M Z W V F T




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