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    Scene One Quiz

    1. What does Gertrude tell Claudius after meeting with Hamlet?


    2. Where does Claudius want Hamlet sent to?


    3. Who does Claudius order to find Hamlet and Polonius' body? 



    Scene Two Quiz

    1. What town has Hamlet Stored the body in?

    a) Norway

    b) France

    c) Germany 

    d) Elsinore 


    2. True or False Hamlet tells Rosencratz and Guildenstern the truth as to where he stored Polonius body? 


    Scene Three Quiz

    1. True or False Hamlet agrees to leave when he is told by Claudius?


    2. True or False Claudius hopes that England does not obey the sealed orders in the prosecution of Hamlet?


    3. Where has Hamlet stored the Body?


    Scene four and five quiz

    1. Why is the captain disgusted by the idea of invading Poland?
              A. because he did not have time to warn his people
              B. he is anti-war
              C. because they are fighting merely over a worthless piece of land
              D. he doesn’t have an army

    2. Explain how Hamlet has been motivated to the point where
     “my thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth”.

    3. Name two reasons the text gives that support Ophelia’s method for madness.

    4. Why is Laertes pursuing revenge?

    5. Who does he suspect is guilty of this? 


    Scene six


    1. Who went with Hamlet to England?
    a.    Rosencrantz & Guildenstern

    b.    Horatio

    c.    Claudius

    d.    Marcellus

    2. Why didn’t Claudius reveal that Hamlet murdered Polonius?
    3. Who does Claudius ask to kill Hamlet?

    a.    Horatio

    b.    Reynaldo

    c.    Laertes

    d.    Gertrude


    4. Laertes will kill Hamlet in a Duel? True or False?
    5. How will Laertes sword differ from Hamlet’s?

    6. What is Claudius’s plan if Hamlet wins the duel?
    7. Who drowned in the river?
    a.    Gertrude

    b.    Hamlet

    c.    Claudius

    d.    Ophelia

    Scene seven



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