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Modoc Indians





    Cheif of the Sky Spirits- He was the sky god

    Youngest Daughter- Was the daughter of the sky spirit

    Grizzly Bear-   Had kids with the daughter of the sky spirit

    GrandchildrenWere the kids of the daughter and the grizzly bear  

      Wind Spirit- The god that blew the daughter away





    Plot Line-

          According to the Indian tribe, “Modoc” the sky god created Mount Shasta. He cut a hole in the sky with a rock and pushed down snow and ice untill he created this mountain. He liked this mountain so much that he brought his family down from the sky to live with him inside the mountain. The wind god blew the sky god's daughter from the top of the mountain down to the bottom with the grizzly people. They raised her as their own and she had kids with one of the bears. Then the sky god found out that his daughter was okay and living with bears. He went to see his daughter and found her grown up with her bear kids. He was very upset with these children because they weren’t his creation. He punished the bears and made them walk on all fours and took away their ability to talk. He then took his family to live with him in the sky again.





    1.) It would say everything is very unrealistic looking. Like a grizzly and a human living together.


       a.) The grizzly bears anger the sky spirit because they kept his daughters and formed a new race.

       b.) His reaction shows that he wants to be the only person making new races.


        a.) The punishment that the cheif left the grizzlys is that they have to walk on all four legs and cant talk.

       b.) They are laft to live as people and hey never killed a grizzly bear.



       The only known tribes of the Modoc Indians at this time are as follows:


    Agawesh Leush Stuikishkeni
    Chakawech Nakoshkeni Waisha
    Kalelk Nushaltkagakni Wachamshwash
    Kawa Pashka Welwashkeni
    Keshlakchuish Plaikni Wukakeni
    Keuchishkeni Shapashkeni Yaneks
    Kumbatuash Sputuishkeni



             Captain Jack- Was the Leader of the Modoc Indains who fought the Us Army.

    Modoc people: The name Modoc means "southerners", They were a warlike and aggressive people who came from the Klamalath tribe of Oregon.

    Food: The Modoc indians fished, hunted, and gathered wild vegetables for their food.

    Shelter: The Modocs lived in wood houses, which were covered with mats made from marsh plants called tules, which they also used to make rafts, baskets, and shoes.






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