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    Table of contents
    1. 1. NAVAJOS
    2. 2. Research
    3. 3. Summary/Opinion
    4. 4. Questions



     This Powerpoint project will show the research of the Navajo Indians 













    4. (a) Recall: Indentify the stages of the Navajo creation ceremony. (b) Analyze: What do the order and ritual of the ceremony tell you about the Navajo people?


    -A: Gods lay buckskin on the ground with the had to the west – place two ears of corn with their tips to the east, put buckskin over the corn – under white ear they white eagle feather and other the yellow ear a yellow eagle feather they allow wind to enter and a man and a women came from the corns.

    -B: They respect and care for their people and they take it seriously.




    5. (a) Recall: What is the wind’s role in the ceremony? (b) Contrast: How does the wind’s role contrast with the order and ritual of the ceremony?


    -A: The wind made the people walk and come to life.

    -B: If the wind doesn’t blow the people don’t come alive.













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