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    Plot Line


    • The ancient Chief’s wife had a dream.
    • The chief said that there going to be powerful.
    • The chief’s men tried to up root the tree and couldn’t.
    • The chief tried to up root the tree and did.
    • The chief’s wife looked in and saw water.
    • Then she fell in the hole.
    • The animals noticed something falling in the sky.
    • Then the swans caught her.
    • All the animals swam down to try to get a piece of earth.
    • The muskrat was the only one to succeed.
    • He pulled up the earth and put it on the turtle.
    • The marks are still on the girls back from the muskrat to this day.









    On March 11, 2005, the Onondaga Nation of Nedrow, New York filed a land rights action in federal court, seeking acknowledgement of title to over 3,000 square miles of ancestral lands centering in Syracurse, New York. In doing so they hope to obtain increased influence over environmental restoration efforts at Ondagowa Lake.






    Questions From Book

    1. If you had been the Great Chief, would you have pulled up the Great Tree? Explain your answer. If I were the Great Chief I wouldn’t have pulled up the Great Tree because it’s part of the Earth.




    2. (a) Recall: Explain what happened to the wife of the chief when the young men uprooted the Great Tree?


      The wife went to look down the hole and fell down the hole and then was saved by two swans.



    (b) Interpret: Why did this action generate concern among the animals?


    The animals would have to dive deep under water to bring up earth for the women to stand on.



            (a) Recall: Describe the actions of the swans, the beaver, and the duck.


    The swans, beaver, and duck tried to bring up earth for the woman to live on.



            (b) Analyze: How do these actions exhibit the best aspects of human nature?


    People help each other in their time of need.



    (a) Infer: Whom do the Onondaga credit with bringing Earth into existence?


    The animals.


    (b) Analyze: From this myth, what can you conclude about the relationship between the Onondaga and    their  their natural enviroment? Explain your answer.


    The Onondaga are close to their natural environment. They try to spread seeds so that the environment will grow.



    1. Generalize: Muskrat makes a risky and desperate swim. How does society benefit from brave actions like this?


      Muskrat brings earth up and the wife of the Great Chief puts in seeds in the soil and society can now live on the land.


    Questions from the Book





         I really liked this story about how the land was made because the Onondaga put their own twist on it. By putting their own twist on this legendary story, it made you feel how close the Onondaga relationship was with nature. 





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