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Modoc Indian Tribe


    Summary of When Grizzles Walked Upward.


    In the story When Grizzlies Walked Upright the chief of the Sky Spirits came from the world above, down to earth. He created a home and brought down his family to a lodge made from ice. In the center of the lodge he created a fire and from stone made a smoke hole at the top of the lodge. Then, one night the Wind Spirit created a outrageous storm, so the chief of the sky sent his daughter, with long flowing red hair to the smoke hole to ask him to ease the storm. She kindly asked him, but then before going back down she peeked out of the top and her hair pulled her clear out of the lodge down the mountain. She was found by a grizzly bear, who walked on two feet carrying her back to his family. When she came of age, she married the eldedst son and had many children with him. Years later when the chief herd news of his daughter’s were abouts he went down the mountain to find her. He then found an older women with his grandchildren, that look nor bear or human. He was so angry he cursed the bears abd demanded they walk on their hands and knees and never talk again. He took his daughter back up to the sky and her children scattered all over the earth. They were the first Indians, The Modoc Tribe.




      The Modoc Indians are still around today. They live in Oaklahoma and Oregon.   

                                          MODOC FOOD SORCES   

    Coots   Rabbits   Slamon   Turtles
    Birds          Ground squirrles   Trout         
    Geese              Marmont   Suckers         
    Swan                   Beaver   Eels           
    Pelican                 Bison   Mussles         


                Grizzly bear                  
      Heron Wolf                    
    Coromont Dog                    
    Loon   Coyote                    
    Plover   Elk                    
    Gull   Antelope                    
      Merganser   big horn sheep                  
             mull dear                    






    1.What words would you use to describe the images in these tales and the impression they made on you?


    Realistic, hairy, and snowy. I thought it was really interesting because it gave a reason why bears walk on four paws and couldn’t talk.







    2.What do the grizzly bears do that angers the chief of the sky spirits? What does his reaction tell you about him?


    a.They keep his daughter and start a new race without his consent.


    That he has a short temper and doesn’t like to be disobeyed

    3.What punishment does the chief of sky Spirits levy against the grizzlies? How do his actions affect his grandchildren, the people of the earth?


    1. He makes them walk on all fours and they can no longer talk.


    2. They were forced to separate and form different Indian tribes.












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