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     By: Corinne Glassman, Melissa Sworin, Jim Jones, Sean Shannon, Anna Kopecky


            Northeastern California and central Southern Oregon was origanally the home of the Native American people known as the Modoc tribe, and spoke Plateau Penutian languages. But Before the Modocs were called the Modocs they had called themselves the Maklaks while being part of the Lulacas Tribe. They eventually split apart due to an argument. The Modocs had harvested chokcherry, the plum and wild onions. They had used clay molded pipes to smoke tobacco and used tule to create clothing and baskets. Unlike many ancient groups the Modocs had cremated the dead instead of burying or mummifying.



    Plot Line

         ~ The Sky Spirit creates life and comes down to live on Earth.

    ~ He sends the grizzlies to live in the forest, they can walk and talk like humans.

    ~ The Wind Spirit starts causing trouble, so Sky Spirit's daughter goes up to talk to him.

    ~ Wind Spirit carries her off into the woods.

    ~ The grizzlies find Sky Spirit's daughter and raise her as their own.

    ~ The daughter marries when she comes of age and has children with a grizzly son.

    ~ Sky Spirit finds out that the grizzlies have her and he comes to get her.

    ~ Sky Spirit is angered when he gets to his daughter's cabin.  He doesnt like that she had children with the grizzlies.  He expected her to be the same as when she was carried away as a child.

    ~ Sky Spirit curses the grizzlies so that they can no longer talk and must walk on all fours, and scares his grandchildren away.

    ~ Sky Spirit takes his daughter takes his family back into the sky to live.


             The Modocs were mostly found in the south of Oregon and they stretched all the way to California. A lot of the important tribes lived at Tule Lake and Little Klamath Lake. The Modocs hunted and gathered to eat and survive. They ate fish, seeds, roots, and berries. They used tule reeds to weave together to make houses, baskets, and other items to live off of. The word Modoc means southerner. The Klamath tribe spoke the same language as the Modocs. Today the Modoc tribe still exsists. They live in Oregon and Oklahoma now and have an estimated eight-hundred left.





    1. Respond: What words would you use to describe the images in this tale and the impression they made on you?

    Answer: I would use the words vivid and adventurous, because they have many deatils on the nature.


    2. A) Recall: What do the grizzly bears do that angers the Chief of the Sky Spirit?

    Answer: The grizzly bears made a new race with his daughter.

    B) Analyze: What does his reaction tell you about him?

    Answer: It shows that he is very controlling and has a lot of anger.


    3. A) Recall: He punishes them by walking on all fours and never talking again.

        B) It affects the grandmother by her falling over and the people because bears would never have the same abilities again.

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