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    - The men and women wash and dry themselves with yellow cornmeal for the women and white for the men.  

    - The four Navajo gods come carrying two sacred buckskins, a yellow ear of corn, and a white ear of corn.   

    - The gods lay the buckskin down with the head to the west and place the two ears of corn on it with the tips to the east and cover them with the other sacred buckskin with its head to the east.

    - A feather from a white eagle is put under the white ear of corn, and a yellow feather under the yellow ear of corn.

    - White wind blows from the east, and yellow blows from the west and eight of the Mirage People walk around the objects four times.

    - The Mirage People stop walking and under the buckskin a man and a woman appear.

    - These were the first man and the first woman.



     Foods: corn, beans, squash, melons, sheep, mutton stew, fry bread, tortillas, fried potatos with corned beef, and coffee.

    Language: language has 4 basic basic vowels a,e,i,and o. In Arizona and New Mexico 120,000 people still speak the Navajo language.


    Questions and Answers

      1. What words would you use to describe the images in these tales and the impression they made on you? 

    Words I Would use to describe the images in the story would be magical, unbelievable, or unreal. 


    4.A) Identify the stages of the Navajo creation ceremony. B) Qhat do the order and ritual of the ceremony tell you about the Navajo people?

    1.Men and women cleanse themselves in cornmeal.

    2.They called the 4 Navajo gods.

    3.The gods brought buckskin, corn, and eagles' feathers and layed them out accordingly.

    4.8 of the mirage people walked around the items 4 times.

    5.The feathers had moved and when the walk was done the buckskin was lifted and a man and a woman were created.


    B) It tells me that they believed in their gods strongly and were very precise with how things were executed.


    5.The winds role is final combination that allow the man and woman to come alive and stay alive. The wind doesn't have a certain position or job, it just continues to blow.




    Reaction to legand

    In the Navajo story we had to read, I found it to be a little confusing. I found it cofusing because it jumps right into the ritual that the navajo were performing. And how they used th corn,feathers,and deerskin , and how the wind made mirage people move. At the end the corn and the feathers turnesd into a man and a woman. But it was a good because it gave you a sense of what they believed in and how they did thier rituals.


    Modern Day Navajo Indians


    The Navajo Indians of todays day and age reside on 1,155,000 acres of land in southwest Utah in the county of San Juan. Half of the county is comprised of the Navajos but the majority of these Native Americans live south of the San Juan river.













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