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Onondaga Tribe

    Onondaga Tribe


    Foods: Corn, Beans, Squash, Deer, Turkey, Rabbit

    Plot Line:


    -Ancient Chief had a skyland.

    -Wife had a dream. 

    - She had to make a dream come true.

    - The tree was pulled up.

    - Young wife fell through the hole.

    - Seeds were put in hand.

    - Two swans caught her.

    - They needed to get earth.

    - The duck tried to get the earth, but he was not srtong enough to bring the earth up.

    - Next, the beaver tried to get the earth, but he was not able to get to the bottom either.

    - After, the loon tried and also did not succeed.

    - Finally, the muskrat tried and she swam all the way down to the bottom and she had the earth!

    - The Green Turtle

    - A small piece of earth was brought up and was put on the turtle's back.

    - All of the animals wondered where they would now put the earth.

    - The Great Turtle put the earth on her back.

    - The two swans brought the Sky Woman down and she let the tree and grass seeds fall.

    - New grass and trees grew.

    - Life on Earth had begun.

    Onandoga Tribe Recently:


    The Onandoga Tribe can be found spread through New York and as far west as Lake Erie.

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