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Period One






    The begining of this chapter starts out where Scout is starting a fight with Cecil Jacobs because he is making fun of Atticus because Atticus is going to be defending a negro in court that summer. When Scout goes home and tells Atticus about this he says that it is true and that she is going to go to school, ignore Cecil, keep her head up and her fists down. At this time of year it is Christmas, Jem and Scout have mixed feelings about Christmas because they love the holiday because their Uncle Jack comes to visit them every year on Christmas Eve and stays for a week. The kids also dont like Christmas because they have to visit with their cousin Francis Hancock who is Atticus' sister's (Aunt Alexandra) grandson. Francis every year  is dropped off at his grandparents (Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Alexandra) house and he stays for christmas while his parents went off on a little vacation of their own.


    Christmas Eve came and it was time to go and pick up Uncle Jack at the Maycomb County Junction because he would travel by train. When the train stops and Uncle Jack comes off he has two long packages with him and the kids think they are presents for them. That night they are all eating dinner and Scout was cursing so after dinner Uncle Jack told her that there would be no more cursing while he was there. After dinner Uncle Jack and Scout decorate the tree until it is time for bed. Christmas Day comes and the kids run down the stairs to find the two long boxs under the tree and they say that they are from Atticus so the kids rip them open and find air rifles and the kids were amazed because that is exactly what they wanted. 


    Then all of them went to Finch's Landing for their Christmas dinner and it was a huge house with six bedrooms that was built by Jem and Scouts ancester, Simon Finch. The kids then gave Fancis his present and he gave them theirs and they told each other about their presents and as Scout said that Francis was the most moring person on earth. Durring the dinner Scout sat all by herself at a small table because Jem and Francis had graduated to the big table. Even though Scout was mad because she had to sit by herself Aunt Alexandras cooking made up for it. After dinner everyone just mingled and visited with each other and Francis made a comment that he wanted his grandma Alexandra to teach him how to cook. While Fancis and Scout were talking outside, Francis told Scout that Atticus was a "Nigger-Lover" and so Scout started chasing him and he ran into the old kitchen that was outside and when Aunt Alexandra came out to check on the kids Francis said that Scout was making fun of him and so he blammed her for him being in the old kitchen. Then when Aunt Alexandra left Scout beat up Francis for saying that stuff and blamming everything on her and this time Uncle Jack caught her and she became in a lot of trouble and so everyone went home.


     Review Questions:

    1. Why did Scout get hit, and by who?

    2. Who's Francis?

    3. What did the kids get for Christmas?

    4. Why did Scout fight with Cecil?

    5. Why did Scout have an attitude with Her Uncle?


    Key Dialogue:

    1. pg.99 top to 102.

    2. 105 top to middle

    3.112 mid top to middle of 113

    4. top 114 to bottom 114




    Atticus-Defending a negro in court, also told Scout to stop fighting

    Uncle Jack- Scout and family would meet up with him at the Maycomb Junction every Christmas Eve, and he would stay for a week.

    Rose Aylmer- Uncle Jack's beautiful yellow female cat. (The only woman in his life that he can stand)

    Aunt Alexandra   

    Francis Hancock- Eight years old, slicked black hair, loves his Grandma's cooking, and wants her to teach him how to cook and he is Atticus' great-nephew. 

    Jem- joined Scout and there family on Christmas dinner.



    Some themes in this chapter are pride, respect, and bickerness. Scout shows pride because she fights both Cecil and Francis when they make fun of Atticus. Even though it wasn't the right thing for her to do she still stood up for what she believed in. Uncle Jack shows respect to scout by appologizing to Scout when he didnt hear her side of the story and also by not tellin Atticus what really happened that day. There is bickerness in this chapter because everyone is looking down on Atticus because he is going to be defending a negro in court in the summer comming up and noone except Jem, Scout, and Uncle Jack support him on his decision.



    Your Crossword Puzzle

    1     2           3                



    2. who is aunt alexandras brother?
    4. who did scout start a fight with in the beginging of this chapter?
    6. what did jem and scout recieve for christmas?
    7. who was the best cook?
    8. where was christmas dinner at?


    1. who was jem and scouts favorite uncle?
    3. who was blammed for everything on christmas day?
    5. who called atticus a negro-lover?







    Chapter 10




     Review Questions 

    Chapter 11


    . Jem- He reads to Mrs.Dubose because he cut her flowers

    .Scout- Goes with Jem to read to Mrs.Dubose

    .Dr.Reynolds- he is the doctor that says Mrs.Dubose only has a couple months to live.

    .Atticus- very nice to Mrs.Dubose, convinces kids to also be nice to her. Tells Mrs.dubose not to mind what the kids say to her.

    .Jessie: Helps Mrs.Dubose with all of her needs

    Mrs.Henry Lafayette Dubose: Old lady, on the verge of dying, always unhappy,says hurtful things to jem and scout.






    Mrs. Dubose called Atticus a nigger-lover, because she was racist and he was defending Tom Robinson in court.  This comment offended Jem the most because he has similar morals as his father, and he believes everyone is equal.  In return, Jem cut down all of Mrs. Dubose's flowers with Scout's baton.  As his punishment he had to read to Mrs. Dubose for a month.  She chose this as his punishment becuase she was dying and she needed a distraction from the pain.  Jem and Scout were confused at why she never seemed to pay attention to his reading for the last few minutes, but they never realized that she was in so much pain.  Also, when she passed away, she gave Jem a flower from the plants that he had cut down before.  This showed to Jem that everything was going to be alright. 











    Mrs. Dubose told Jem and Scout that Atticus is not better than

     "the trash he works for". Then, Jem cut her Camellia 

    bushes because he was mad that she said that. Jem was 

    forced to read to her (as his punishment) at her house every 

    day for 1 month. Mrs. Dubose always says hurtful things to 

    them, one day after Jem was done reading, she died. She gave 

    Atticus a box to give to Jem, he opened it up and there was a 

    white camellia.


    Review Questions:


    1.  What made Jem finally snap and cut down Mrs.Dubose's flowers withScout's baton?



    2.  What did Mrs. Dubose leave for Jem after she died?



    3.  What did Mrs. Dubose leave for Jem after she died?





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    Chapter 12


    Bravery - Bravery is one of the themes in this chapter because when they were at the church, and were questioned on why they were there, Cal stood up for them. So it was brave of her to stand up to her own church.

    Racial Strife - Racial Strife is shownthrough the cartoons that the comunity hits Atticus with for defending an African American in court.








     She seemed glad to see me when I appeared in the kitchen, and by watching her I began to think there was some skill involved in being a girl. 



    Summary - Atticus has to travel to the state capitol and the children are under Calpurnia's watch. She takes them to her colored church where a woman harasses her for bringing them, but the reverand welcomes them. The church she goes to doesn't have a lot of money, so they don't have any hymnals and only a few of the members have learned to read. After the children go to church they return home to a surprise on their front porch. Their Aunt Alexandria has come to live with them.

    Characters 12
    Jem and Scout – Go to First Purchase Church with Calpurnia.
    Calpurnia – Takes Jem and Scout to her church because Atticus is away.
    Eunice Ann Simpson – A girl who was locked in the furnace room of a church by Jem, Scout, and some other children from their class.
    Lulu – African American woman who protests Calpurnia bringing Jem and Scout to the black church. She is tall and “bullet-headed”. She caused trouble in the past.

    Zeebo – Calpurnia’s eldest son and the garbage collector. 
    Reverend Sykes – The preacher for First Purchase who reads the announcements at the start of church, makes the sermon at the end, and collects money.
    Carlow Richardson – Doesn’t give money the first time and has to give it at Reverend Sykes’ demand.
    Tom Robinson – Man on trial, preventing his wife from getting work or money.
    Helen Robinson – Tom’s wife who needs money to take care of her kids.
    Aunt Alexandra – Arrives at Jem and Scout’s house at the end of the chapter.



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