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Period Seven



    Chapter 9


    Characters 9-7



    Aunt Alexandria

    Uncle Jack





     Quotes 9-7


    "Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try to win." 

    -- Atticus Finch


    Pictures 9-7


    Summary 9-7
    The chapter opens with Cecil Jacobs mocking Scout about her father's newest case. He takes on the hopeless case of a black male, where all evidence points to guilty. The town starts to turn on the family one by one. For the first time in her life Scout walks away from a fight for her father and gets called a coward. The only fights she will be picking from now on are only with cousins. Its christmas time in Maycomb, and Uncle Jack comes to visit. Scout and Jem both get rifles like they wanted for christmas. They go to their Aunt Alexandria's like they do every other christmas and nothing has changed. Aunt alexandria still disapproves of Scout and her cousin Francis is still annoying. When Francis starts to pick on Scout about her father taking on his new case it becomes ugly. Also in this chapter, we find out the meaning of the title. It is called to kill a mockingbird because it is a sin to kill a mockingbird because they do not bother anyone they just make sweet music.
     Quiz 9-7

     Question 1: What holiday is it? 

    2. What do Jem and Scout get for this holiday? 

    3. Who comes to visit? 

    4. Why does Aunt Alexandria disapprove of Scout? 

    5. Who does Scout fight with? Why?

    6. What is it a sin to kill? 

    Chapter 10-7


    Characters 10-7

    Atticus - Ol One Shot Finch

    Jem - Told to shoot cans(air rifle)

    Scout- New air rifle

    Tim Johnson- Sick Dog

    Uncle Jack- Teachs Jem and Scout to shoot air rifles

    Calpirnia- tells the street about the dog coming

    Sherrif Heck Tate- Sherrif of Maycomb

    Ms. Maudie- Older woman well respected


    Summary 10-7

    Chapter 10 started out with Scout and Jem finding out that their dad would be fighting a case involving a black man. Also Jem and Scout discussing their dad and how much older he was compared to the other dads in their neighborhood. Jem and Scout were a little embarassed of this. Atticus, instead of hunting or shooting or being a manly man he was a more set back guy who liked to read and stay inside the house for most of the day. He also wore glasses. When Jem and Scout received their air rifle guns Atticus never showed them how to use them but he did tell them to shoot at tin cans or bluejays, but not Mockingbirds because it was a sin to kill one. Which Scout never heard her dad say something was a sin before so she knew that she shouldnt shoot them. They ended up going to Miss. Maudie to ask why it was a sin to kill a mocking- bird and she told Scout and Jem "Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don't eat up people's gardens, don't nest in corncribs, they don't do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That's why it's a sin to kill a mockingbird." While outside playing they saw Tim Johnson who was a dog that belonged to a man in the southern tip. He was acting weird so they ran home and told Calpurnia who told the neighbors and called Atticus. The operator Eula May called the neighborhood to warn also but the Radley's have no phone so Calpurnia ran across the street and banged on the door but got no answer. A couple minutes later Atticus showed up with Heck Tate who was the town sheriff and he told Atticus to shoot the animal. And when he did, he was dead on. Scout and Jem were amazed and asked Miss. Maudie about his shooting skills and she told them that he had the best shot in the town. After hearing this from Miss. Maudie Scout and Jem are no longer embarassed of their father. Scout actually wanted to go and brag about it but Jem said not to because he said that Atticus is the type of guy that is to good to brag about himself. 



    1. What did Atticus tell Jem and Scout they were allowed to shoot with their air-rifle?


    2. Why couldn't the operator call the Radley place to warn them about Tim Johnson?

    3. Who else was with Atticus when he came home in the police car?


    4. Who shot Tim Johnson?


    Quotes 10-7

    "Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don't eat up people's gardens, don't nest in corncribs, they don't do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That's why it's a sin to kill a mockingbird." 

    I think everyone should keep this quote in mind while reading the book and when thinking about Boo Radley. This may be a hint to how Boo really is?  


    Themes 10-7

    One of the themes in this chapter is courage. We felt it was easier to notice this theme after reading the chapter a second time, but it was mainly i one character. The character was Atticus. Examples to show this started out right in the beginning when Atticus decides to fight the case for a black man. This went against many peoples beliefs. To fight this case was a great step to show that Atticus has the courage to do what is morally right. The second example was when Atticus shot the dog in front of Scout and Jem. But remember that he wouldn't show them how to shoot their air-rifle guns but he shot a dog in front of them, even though he shot the dog in front of them and showed his courage through doing this. Atticus obviously didnt want it to be that way because he never talked about it with Scout or Jem. They had to go to Miss. Maudies to find out about their dads past

    Chapter 11

    Click here to access the chapter 11 page. 


    Chapter 12-7

    Setting 12-7

    Maycomb County,Alabama-

    First Purchase African ME.Church,

    Out front of the Radley Place

    Characters 12-7  

    Mrs. Dubose





    Eunice Ann



    Reverend Sykes



    Summary 12-7

    In chapter 12 Jem becomes older and meaner, so now him and Scout do not get along. Scout is starting to spend more time with Calpurnia and finds out that Dill has a new father and will be spending the summer with him. Scout realizes that she is miserable and likes having him around. Atticus gets called to do State Legislative work for two weeks. On Sunday, Calpurnia takes the kids to church and makes sure that they are dressed perfectly, this is when they find out that Jem is color-blind. Scout thinks that the cemetary near the church is a "happy" cemetary. Calpurnia is unhappy that the church is an all-white church. Zeebo, the garbage man, welcomes them. Calpunia finally tells Jem amd Scout that Mr. Bob Ewell claimed that Tom raped on of his daughters so he got him arrested. Calpurnia explains that she is 1 of 4 people at her church that can read. Zeebo is Calpurnia's son.


    ImportantFacts 12-7  

    • Calpurnia worked/born at the Finch Landing
    • Zeebo is Calpurnia's son. She taught him how to read with Blackstone's Commentaries.
    • Dill has a new father and wont be reurning to Maycomb this summer.
    • Aunt Alexandra is home to visit.
    • Jem becomes more mature as he slowly grows away from Scout.
    • Tom Robinson is in jail for accusidly raping Mr. Bob Ewell's daughter.



    There are multiple themes in chapter 12. Themes of growth, maturity, political and racial strife, and the relativly unkown culture of black people.  Growth and maturity are shown through the growing gap between Jem and Scout as Jem begins to become a man. Political and racial strife are shown in the cartoons and insults the comunity throws at Atticus for defending a black man in court. Black culture is seen when Jem and Scout are brought to black church with Cal, exposing them to the diffrent style of singing and the obvious poverty of the church.



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