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Quiz/Review 11-7

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    1. What is the rumor about Mrs. Dubose?

    2. Why doesn't Scout and Jem like Mrs. Dubose?

    3. What does Mrs. Dubose say about Jem and Scout's father about not remarring?

    4. Why was Mrs. Dubose mad that the Finch children were walking by her house on a Saturday?

    5. Why wasn't Mrs. Dubose sitting on the porch when Jem and Scout walked by?

    6. Who gave Jem the gift?

    7. Why was he so upset about it?

    8. Why did Jem say that Mrs. Dubose was the bravest person that he knew?



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    1. That she kept a pistol underneath her shawls and wraps of clothing.

    2. because everyday when they walked by, she would yell at them. 

    3. that it was pity for Atticus not to remarry.

    4.She felt that they should be in school and she was going to call the principal for playing "hooky"

    5. Mrs. Dubose had died.

    6. Mrs. Dubose, before she had died

    7. it was the same type of bush that he had destroyed in her yard.

    8. because she had real courage and died beholden to nothing and nobody






















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