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Period Two



    Period 2/Chapter 9



     Major Characters

    Atticus: In this chapter he is defending a black man in court.

    Scout: She got in a fight at school with cecil Jacobs.

    Uncle Jack:On Christmas Eve the Finch family would meet up with him at the Maycomb Junction and he would stay with the family for a week.

    Francis Hancock:He is Atticus' great-nephew, he is eight years old, and he is very interested in cooking.

    Minor Characters


    Aunt Alexzandra: She convinces atticus to let her stay with them, because it was what had been best for the family.

    Key Dialogue


    In chapter nine it begins with Scout fighting with a boy named Cecil Jacobs. The reason she was fighting with him was because he said that Atticus was “defending niggers”. When Atticus found out he had told Scout that what Cecil had said was true and that she was going to have to go to school and deal with it without violence. Christmas time rolled around again and Jem and Scout love Christmas just not who they have to spend it with. The kid’s uncle Jack comes to visit and stays for a week and the have to go to aunt Alexandra’s and spend time with Francis their cousin. On Christmas Eve they would go and pick up uncle Jack at the Maycomb Junction. They have a Christmas Eve dinner and uncle Jack helped Scout decorate the tree until bedtime. For Christmas the kids both received a gun, which is what they both had hoped for. Then they traveled to Finch’s Landing where they would spend Christmas day with the rest of the family. Scout had not been a big fan of their cousin Francis and she believed that he was the most boring person on earth. Poor Scout also had to sit at a table all by herself because Jem and Francis had been old enough to sit with the adults. After dinner when everyone was mingling fancies and scout stepped outside to talk. Francis then decided to say that Atticus had been a “nigger lover” and it all went down hill. Scout started chasing Francis around and ended up beating him up. But this time uncle Jack caught her and she was in big trouble. Scout had been blamed for ruining the whole christmas party. The chapter ended with everyone leaving the Christmas dinner.


    Discrimation was the biggest theme in this chapter because it appears twice. First with Cecil Jacobs at school  telling Scout her father was a niggers  lover because he defends them. Second was with Scout's cousin Francis telling her, her father was a embrassment to the family was he defends niggers. Both of these agurments were talking about Atticus's case that he was working on and the black man he was defending was Tom Robinson.

    Trust was another theme in this chapter, this theme deal with Scout telling her Uncle Jack  the real reason her had hit her cousin Francis. This deal with trust because she told her Uncle Jack to keep it a secert because Atticus didn't want to get into fights over him anymore




    Period 2/Chapter 11






    Discrimation is the biggest theme in this chapter becuse it comes up twice. First with Cecil Jacobs at school telling Scout that her dad defends niggers. The second with Scout cousin Francis telling her that her dad was a embrassment to the family because he defends niggers. Both times they were talking about the case Atticus is working on, defending a black man named Tom Robinson.

    Trust is another theme in this chapter, this theme deals with the secert Scout tells her Uncle Jack about the real reason she hit Francis and how he couldn't tell Atticus because he didn't want her getting into fights over him anymore.  




    Atticus - Acts nice to mrs. Dubose and tries to convince Jem and Scout to be nice to her

    Jem - 

    Scout -

    Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose - Old lady who makes fun of Atticus

    Boo Radley -

    Calpurnia -

    Miss Maudie -

    Mr. Link Deas -

    Tom Robinson -

    Jessie -  













    Period 2/Chapter 10 

    Heather M

    Valerie G

    Natalie W

    Alex H

    Mike Y

    Mike R


    • Atticus
    • Jem
    • Scout 
    • Cecil Jacobs

    got in a fight with Scout because she said Scout's dad defends black people

    • Francis Hancock 

    Aunt Alexandra's grandson; told Scout to dress more like a girl and that Dill is a runt and that Dill says that Atticus loves black people

    • Uncle Jack  

    Atticus' brother; told Scout not to curse

    • Miss Maudie 
    • Reverend Sykes

    reverend for church 

    • Calpurnia
    • Tim Johnson

    rabid dog

    • Miss Eula May  

    operator for school closings 

    • Mr. Heck Tate 

    Sheriff of maycomb

    • Aunt Alexandra 

    Atticus,Jem, & Scout visit her at Finch's Landing on Christmas day

    • Zeebo  

    garbage collector

    • Miss Buford

    Miss Maudies aunt







    Prejudice - racial

    Courage - kill a rabid dog

    Growing up -how to raise children 

    Sins - sin to kill a mockingbird

    appearences - judging people

    education - schooling



    Key Dialogue



    "Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy . . . but sing their hearts out for us. That's why it's a sin to kill a mockingbird." 


    Plotline Summary


                Scout believes Atticus is older than most of the other fathers in Maycomb.His age embarasses his kids. He wears glasses and reads,instead of hunting and fishing. One day,a rabid dog appears, on main street toward the Finches' house. Calpurnia calls Atticus, who comes home with Heck Tate. Heck brings a rifle and asks Atticus to shoot the animal. Atticus shoots the dog surprising Jem and Scout, hitting the dog with his first shot. Later, Miss Maudie tells Jem and Scout that, as a young boy, Atticus was the best shot in the county, “One-shot Finch.” Scout is excited to brag about this, but Jem tells her to keep it a secret, if Atticus wanted people to know he would've told them. 
















    Period 2/Chapter 12

    Laurence M

    Tor-tor D

    Felicia L

    AJ G

    Chris I

    Berkley H

    • Jem -   Is now 12 yrs. old & gets more annoyed with Scout pestering him & acting like a girl.
    • Scout - upset that Jem doesn't want to spend time with her & that Dill wasn't coming this summer.
    • Atticus - Travels to state capital everyday for 2 weeks, due to state legislature being called into session.
    • Dill - Sends a letter saying he's not coming to Maycomb that summer, his mother got remarried.
    • Calpurnia - Takes Jem & Scout to her "colored" church.
    • Lula - Criticizes Calpurnia for bringing white children to the church.
    • Reverand Sykes - Kind; friendly, welcomes Jem & Scout.
    • Zeebo - Calpurnia's oldest son; town garbage collector.
    • Helen - Tom Robinson's wife; has a collection taken up for her.
    • Tom Robinson - Accused of rape by Bob Ewell.
    • Bob Ewell - Accuses Tom Robinson of raping his daughter.
    • Aunt Alexandra - Jem & Scout's aunt.
    Key Dialogue
    Quiz/review work

    Who is Bob Ewell? Where does he live?


    What is Tom charged for?


    Where does Cal take Scout and Jem?





    In this chapter Atticus is on a trip to the state legislature and leaves the kids for Cal to look after. Jem and Scout go to "colored" church with Calpurnia (because she can't leave them at the house alone) and discover that she has two different personalities. At their home she is uses proper english, at church and with other "colored" people she uses slang and acts completly different. Reverend Skyes starts church and then asks for a collection for Helen Robinson (Tom Robinson's wife). When they get home they find Aunt Alexandra on the front porch to find out she will be staying with them for a while.  


    Picture on bottom


    The main themes in this chapter is bravery and racial accusions 

    Bravery-Jem and Scout show bravery when they go to colored church with Cal.

    Racial Accusions-when Tom is accused of rapping Bob Ewell's daughter.



    Tom Robinson                                                                                                    Member of Cal's church

    Bob Ewell                                                                                                           Black man accused of rape


    Revrend Skyes




    Period 2/Chapter 11




















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