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(vk made this)PERIOD 2 CHAPTER 11





    Chapter 11 Jem and Scout learn more about Mrs. Dubose. Jem gets in trouble for destroying Mrs. Dubose's Hedges so he is forced to read to her. Once Jem begins to spend time with Mrs. Dumbose he begins to understand her better and feel compastion for her. After Mrs. Dubose insults Jem on the last day he read to her. He decides to hold his anger in not because he is afraid of her but because he feels bad for her.


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     Chapter 11 begins when Jem and Scout walk home from school. As they walk home they pass Mrs. Dubose's home. Mrs. Dubose is an elderly old woman who is some what senial. When Jem and Scout pass Mrs. Dubose's home after school she insults them and thier father, due to his profession as a lawyer. Jem decides to destroy Mrs. Dubose hedges with a baton that his sister Scout owned thanks to her brothers birthday money. Jem's punishment was, he must read to Mrs. Dubose evry saturday, two hours for a month.   







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