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NPHS Web Design Team

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    The North Pocono Web Design Team annually competes in the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce's Web Design competition, where teams from all around the area design websites to be presented based on aesthetics, functionality, and business practicality.

    The Members of the  2010-2011 team one are Zachary Carling, Kris Rogers, and Mark Kaye. The members of the 2010-2011 Team two are Alby Black, Bill Wildimer, and Bobby Taylor. Team one created a website for Strickland Chiropractors, a local Chiropractician in Dalton, PA, who needed a first time website. The site can be found at http://www.stricklandchiropractors.com. Team two created a website for the Cabin Cafe in Moscow, PA which can be found at http://cabin-cafe.com

    The teams competed at King's College with Team 1 coming in fourth with honorable mentions and Team 2 leaving with honorable mention.

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